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All those who are interested in heritage tourism in ancient cities shall visit Lviv and touch its history of seven hundred years’ duration. Lviv welcomes every guest with true stories, legends, princely magnificence and decent tradition of hospitality. At all times Lviv was and still is a cultural center, nurse of science and art, as well as a flagship of the culinary history of this region. Monuments, theatres, galleries, museums, and all sorts of leisure places suited to every fancy – coffee houses, restaurants, night clubs – harmoniously intertwine in tourist routes and lead a visitor through the Western capital by pleasure trails.

You don't know where to go in Lviv?

One of the best places for leisure and night clubs in Lviv is Split Lviv Club. For the first time it welcomed guests on August 10, 2002 due to the joint efforts of the high-class professionals. From the very first day and up till now, Split Club pleases its guests by luxury, original artist built interiors, flawless service, tight-knit team work, refined cuisine and fascinating show-programs.

About the building

History of the building, where the club is situated, commenced in 1828, when at the corner of Mitskevycha Square (formerly – Mariinska Square) and Kopernyka Str. (formerly – Shyroka Str.), a building emerged. Then it belonged to a rich gentleman Semuel Penter.  Here the first Lviv savings bank was opened. But till the end of 1906 it was demolished and some time later, upon order of Edward and Maria Stroinovska, a building we see nowadays was built.

Architect M. Maireder worked not in vain – the façade in the style of eclecticism, decorated with mythological statues, perfectly complements the appearance of the Club. Five-storeyed building at 6-7 Mitskevycha Square at the corner of Kopernyka Str. is one of the first high-rise building in Lviv. There was a time when the first floor was occupied by famous confectionery factory of Cheslava Schayer with the widest breadth of refined desserts (according to the memoirs of citizens of that time). On the second floor of the building, a restaurant "Avenue" appeared (owner – Stanislav Boyavskyy). After change of the owners (to M. Lyandes and M. Schengolz), the restaurant was renamed to "De la Paix" (French for "peace"). Restaurant with such name existed till 1939. After that it was renamed to "Luxe", but the Germans during the occupation put up a sign "Nur für Deutsche", which literally means "exclusively for the Germans". After the war’s end, the restaurant was reconstructed and renamed to "Moscow". This name was changed only in 1993, when new government returned the restaurant former name – "Luxe".

In 2001, restaurant "Luxe" transferred to the ownership of Casino Split Group corporation. Since that time, a new phase in existence of legendary establishment has begun.

A place, where all senses awake

Split Club is constantly improving, preserving the main idea – to be that place, where all the five senses awake. The new Split Club restaurant will offer you to taste exotic dishes of Asian countries, watching the magnificent panorama of Lviv outside the window. Professional lighting and sound equipment assure organic mixture of modern design solutions and antiquity attributes. 11 plasma TVs in the hall allow our guests to watch the magic of cooking, to learn the news of our club, as well as to watch various events broadcasting. A new restaurant of Split Lviv in the concept of banquet hall is an ideal place for wedding or birthday party, anniversary celebration, corporate parties, conducting of conferences etc. We will assure comfortable leisure for 160 persons at the banquet or 300 persons at the buffet.

Open kitchen, where on the other side of the glass the original dishes of Pan-Asian, European or Ukrainian cuisines are cooked, makes you feel closer to us. Roman Shchurko has been a chef of the Split Club restaurant for 15 years already. He knows how to combine various ingredients successfully and make dishes serving a culinary performance.

A bottle of wine, chosen with the help of professional sommelier Serhiy Vereskun, will be a perfect supplement to a dish. Enoteca includes more than 200 types of wine from all over the world: splendid French wines, collection Italian and Spanish ones, masterpieces from wine manufacturers of Europe and the New World.

You will also be surprised by the assortment of our bar. Cocktail list embodies the high bar culture and inventiveness of mixologists. We offer exotic cocktails in Asian style, which will be a perfect supplement to dishes. An extraordinary mix of sweet and spicy flavours with exotic fruit – the explosion of taste and sophisticated philosophy. We also collected unique whisky from all over the world and our bartenders will assist you to choose you a beverage.

Even if you came only for a cup of coffee, you will be offered an aromatic beverage brewed according to classic or extravagant alternative recipe.

Show-bar of the Split Lviv Club is a place for real men and not only!

Every midnight an erotic show-program begins: two show-rooms, non-stop topless, 25 kWt of powerful sound, the newest lighting equipment, VIP-areas for relaxation, the largest bar counter with a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages and cocktails. You may rent a hall for the whole night and arrange an unforgettable bachelors party.

Split karaoke club – everyone may rise to stardom!

Spotlights, blaze of lights, standing ovations! And then – autographs, photographers, fame! You must admit that each of us at least once had imagined oneself to be a superstar. And only now these feelings may become real as never before – in a karaoke-club Split!

First time in Lviv we provide a chance to become a star for everyone! A unique sound system, developed especially for Split karaoke-club, will allow you to show your vocal range in whole. The most advanced version of professional music system Evolution Pro ІІ will allow you to present all your talents. 8 microphones of the legendary Sennheiser company will multiply this pleasure – you may sing with your friends all together!

Surely, as any celebrity, Split karaoke-club has its own team of professionals. Experienced sound engineer and other specialists will help you come to light. The combined system of video visualization will make the real show at the stage. You may choose any of almost 80 thousand of karaoke songs with the soul component or even sing some to your own backing track.

Carefully designed interior, which creates really celebrity-style atmosphere, will help you to feel as at the professional stage. Exclusive light, bright accents, interaction of light and sound will make every performance a spectacular show! For those, who would like to have a rest as a celebrity, there is a VIP karaoke area with a separate sound system.

One of the main advantages of Split Lviv Club is an around-the-clock work, high level of security, professional service and welcoming staff.

Split unites!

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