Guidelines for Visitors

  • Karaoke Split Lviv is open from 18:00 to 24:00
  • You must be aged 18 years or over to visit karaoke.
  • Admission price – UAH 250

You must abide by the following rules in karaoke:

  • There is a deposit system in karaoke.
  • You may receive information on the deposit system and booking scheme from the karaoke administrator and at the front desk of the club.
  • Management of the club declines all responsibility for material values and personal items of the guests. During staying in the premises of the enterprise, you may use a strong box free of charge.
  • The guests are fully financially liable for damaging of the enterprise's property and undertake to compensate its cost in case of damage.
  • There is a dress-code in karaoke.
  • There is a face-control in karaoke.
  • There is a voice-control in karaoke. Voice-control in the club – restriction to sing, refusal to serve some visitors (guests), who do not meet the criteria, established in karaoke.
  • When visiting the karaoke, a guest is deemed as having agreed to photographing and video recording and as having allowed the enterprise to use his/her photos.
  • The karaoke administrator has a right to help guests to sing songs.
  • The administration reserves a right to refuse a guest to provide karaoke services without giving any reasons.

Karaoke rules prohibit as follows:

  • To behave obscenely and to disturb the comfort of other guests.
  • To bring fire or cold steel weapons, piercing and cutting objects.
  • To bring alcoholic beverages and food in karaoke hall.
  • To bring and to administer narcotic drugs, medicinal drugs and herbal drugs with narcotic action in karaoke.
  • To visit karaoke with animals.
  • To smoke cigars, cigarettes or IQOS in karaoke premises.

Rules for singing in karaoke:

  • Musical compositions shall be performed to karaoke backing tracks. Singing is free of charge except for the positions of the Crazy karaoke menu.
  • You may order a song in karaoke administrator or electronic playlist.
  • The songs shall be sung by turn, in rotation, 1 (one) song in your turn.
  • A set of 6 (six) persons and more has a right to sing 2 (two) songs in its turn.
  • A table in the VIP-area of the karaoke hall has a right to use Gold Status service from a Crazy menu.
  • Any table in the karaoke hall is not allowed to sing more than 2 (two) songs in its turn.
  • One song shall not be sung more frequently than once in 3 (three) circles (one circle – 10 songs).
  • If a guest is absent at the table at the moment of his/her turn to sing a song, the turn shall pass to the next table.
  • The karaoke administrator has a right to interfere the queue so that to sing a song.
  • Any guest may ask the karaoke administrator to change the temp and tonality of a song.
  • Any guest, having a birthday, has a right to use free of charge the Gold Status service from the Crazy menu this day (not more frequently than once per day, upon availability of documentary evidence for date of birth).
  • The karaoke administrator has a right to initiate flash-dance or flash-voice activities.

By visiting our establishment, a guest in doing so accepts our guidelines and undertakes to comply with them.

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