The nightclub in Lviv, where the atmosphere of the night is even more magical

Split Club in Lviv 

Two bar counters (eleven and a half meters long each) with the most up-to-date bar accessories and ergonomic workplace for the barmeister – it is the space we have created, so you can feel the scale and quality. Our approach to the culture of preparation and supply of alcoholic beverages is simple and innovative at the same time. We arranged for that everyone could find something for oneself in our assortment. An exclusive assortment of premium whiskeys from Asia for demanding gourmands or a variety of vintage liqueurs and gins for those who know their tastes well. We offer several options for cocktail fans: exquisite classic cocktails or creative alternatives to popular mixed drinks, let us say green tea and Jasmine cordial or the author's masterpiece – Bourbon on Halva. 

Split Night Club cares for both taste and supply of drinks. Look back for a second – have you ever been served your favorite cocktail with a star-shaped ice in the glass? We strive to surprise you and adhere to aesthetics in everything. 

In Split Night Club, you choose the way to have a rest by yourself. Want to feel like a king or queen of the party or to spend a cozy evening for cocktails and conversations? Whatever is your purpose, we will accord you every facility to feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. In addition, you can be sure that here you are surrounded by interesting and respectable guests. After all, Split night club in Lviv is a place of rest for nightlife devotees. Are you still looking for clubs in Lviv? Split - your choiсe of Lviv disco.

From Thursday to Monday


Visiting Rules

Taking care of our guests’ comfort, we developed visiting rules, which include face control, dress code and rules of conduct. 

You are kindly asked to read these rules and to follow them during your staying at the club. 

Operating hours

Split Club is a complex of four leisure zones: restaurant, show bar, karaoke and night club. . 

  • The restaurant is open from 18:00.
  • The show bar is open from 22:00 to 6:00.
  • The karaoke is open from 22:00 to 6:00.
  • The night club is open four days a week (from Thursday through Sunday) from 22:00 to 6:00. 

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Calendar of Events

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Tickets price : 1800-1800 грн.
Tickets price : 1800-1800 грн.
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Loyalty program

Are you an admirer of the Split Club? Get numerous advantages and bonuses, having accompanied to our loyalty program. LP is effective within the whole territory of the Club and is applicable to the restaurant, karaoke, show-bar.

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