Guidelines for Visitors of the Show-Bar

  • The show-bar of the Split Club is open from 20:00 till 24:00
  • Admission price – UAH 250
  • You must be aged at least 21 years to visit the show-bar.

The show-bar of the Split Club renders the following services:

  • Bar services in accordance with the current bar menu.
  • Hookah services in accordance with the current menu.
  • Services from the Crazy menu according to the list.
  • Dancing in the show-bar premises slow dances with the dancers and waitresses.
  • Enjoying professional sound, lighting and dances by the dancers on the show-bar podiums.
  • Individual demands concerning arrangement of any event (lease, arrangement of bachelor party, etc.) in the show-bar are to be considered at the meeting with the show-bar manager.

The following rules are applicable in the show-bar hall:

  • There is a reservation system in the show-bar.
  • Information on the system of table reservation you may receive at the front desk of the club.
  • The Club management declines all responsibility for material values and personal items of the guests. During staying in the premises of the Club, you may use a strong box free of charge.
  • The guests are fully financially liable for damaging of the enterprise's property and undertake to compensate its cost in case of damage.
  • There is a dress-code in the show-bar.
  • There is a face-control in the show-bar.
  • Photographing and video recording are strictly prohibited in the show-bar.
  • The dancers do not render sexual services to the guests of the show-bar.
  • Escort services are strictly prohibited in the show-bar. The dancer may relax with the guests exclusively within the territory of the Split Club.
  • The dancers may deny rendering services to the guests in case of an alleged health hazard due to the guests' behaviour.
  • The administration reserves a right to refuse a guest to provide the show-bar services without giving any reasons.

The show-bar rules do not allow as follows:

  • To behave obscenely and to disturb the comfort of other guests.
  • To interfere the queue to private rooms.
  • To take all clothes off in a private room.
  • To touch the dancers.
  • To dance on the podium, having not paid for this service according to the Crazy menu.
  • According to the decision of the show-bar manager, the guests may be refused the sale of bar products. The show-bar manager may immediately ask a guest to pay the bill.
  • To occupy table without permission (it is allowed exclusively upon a waiter's permit).
  • To order dishes from the Split Club.
  • To order songs which are not in format of the establishment (in particular as follows: Russian songs, depicting politics, chanson with the foul language, songs of war, nursery rhymes, hard rock, to which it is impossible to dance, etc.)

It is prohibited as follows:

  • To bring fire or cold steel weapons, piercing and cutting objects.
  • To bring to the show-bar alcoholic beverages and food.
  • To bring and to administer narcotic drugs, medicinal drugs and herbal drugs with narcotic action in the show-bar.
  • To stay in the show-bar in outer garments in autumn and winter.
  • To visit the establishment with animals.
  • To visit the show-bar with kids.

By visiting our Club, a guest accepts our guidelines and undertakes to comply with them.

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