Enoteca of the restaurant

Drink of gods, kings and philosophers – wine. In grape bouquet of this ancient beverage the truth was looked for, the wisdom and power were found, the magnificence was gained.  Nowadays, wine has the same mystic sense and still attracts by its flavours and secrets.

In the new restaurant of the Split Lviv Club, this noble beverage is held in respect and for the selection of wine for guests' dishes a special approach is offered. Enoteca of the club contains more than 200 types of wine.

Wine cellar – the enoteca of our restaurant – is a place, where the perfect storage conditions are maintained for bottled wine. Here we take care of keeping optimal temperature and air conditioning. Due to special equipment, there are more than 700 bottles stored in our enoteca. The collection of our club includes wine from classic, as well as exclusive varieties of grape.

Here you can taste wine from all over the world: to unearth a mystery of magnificent French wine, collection Italian and Spanish wine, as well as to enjoy grape masterpieces from Europe and the New World. In summer, we offer diversified collection of white wine from Riesling grape variety.

Enoteca of the Split Lviv Club restaurant contains the best beverages, made not only by famous wineries from all over the world, but also by decent young wine manufacturers, laying down high quality demands. Our collection also includes biodynamic and kosher wine.

Biodynamic wine has special vivid flavour. Due to organic treatment of vineyards, which is a harmonization of the plant with nature biorhythms, as well as refusal of artificial fertilizers. This wine are exemplary natural product. In the process of dynamic wine production, special attention is paid to manual working and farm management according to moon calendar. In addition, wine passes strict certification, which assures quality and flavour.

Kosher wine origins from Israel. In the process of this wine manufacturing, particular strict rules are abode. Growing of grape for kosher wine is a real ritual. Only Jews abiding Sabbath are allowed to take care of vineyards. Kosher wine shall not be manufactured from vine younger than 4 years. Prior to manufacturing, a special ritual prayer shall be said. Because of complicated and attentive scheme of kosher wine manufacture, this process is quite expensive. Nevertheless, it makes this wine a high quality beverage, enveloped in mystery.

Here, in the restaurant of the Split Club, we appreciate not only the quality of wine, but also the drinking culture. We aspire to harmonize the flavours of dishes with the flavours of wine. Our experienced sommelier Serhiy Vereskun in cooperation with the restaurant chef will assist guests to find perfect balance of the dish and wine. He will offer you both classic and daring exclusive combinations.

There are also wine-tasting events in the restaurant, which will surprise you by inventive dishes by the chef and will reveal you new refined flavours of our wine collection. You may also order individual wine tasting for yourself and your friends.

In enoteca of the new Split Club restaurant, the most valuable knowledge about wine, as well as exclusive wine experience and unforgettable flavour palette are collected. We will surprise you not only by refined wine, but also by attentive approach to choice of beverage to dishes and your taste.

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