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In the very center of the ancient city you will find an oasis for rest, where all your senses will be revitalized. The atmosphere here is created by a combination of classics and modernity in the interior. Refined premium-class design in the style of loft will assist you to relax and communicate. Each and every design element is a unique custom-tailored thing.

Professional lighting and sound equipment assure organic mixture of modern design solutions and antiquity attributes. Moreover, we use light and sound to zone the premises. Each zone is exposed to sound individually, therefore, we may adjust the volume to create comfortable conditions for communication, discovering at the same time the beauty of music.

A new restaurant of the Split Lviv Club is one of the restaurants in Lviv which equipped with a unique media-system, designed specially for our establishment. 11 plasma TVs in the hall allow our guests to watch how the dishes are cooked, to learn the news of our club, to watch various events broadcasting and to observe various zones of the club.

The new restaurant of the Split Lviv Club is an ideal place for wedding or birthday party, anniversary celebration, corporate party, conducting of conference, etc. We strike the right note with each guest and we may organize comfort rest for 120 persons at the banquet or 300 persons at the buffet. Our hall allows to celebrate such major events and even more – we will offer you several variants of space planning according to your event and considering lighting and sounding solutions, design and even climate control. Media system may be used for information broadcasting and event visual content demonstration.

Modern Asian trend – original Pan-Asian cuisine

You will watch the sunset, tasting Asian dishes cooked in a unique way. Split restaurant in Lviv provides a chance to watch the cooking process by yourself. Open kitchen, where on the other side of the glass the original dishes are cooked, is the very thing making all the flavour hints more vibrant to our guests. Roman Shchurko has been a chef of the Split Club restaurant for 16 years already. He knows how to combine various ingredients successfully.

You may taste the Pan-Asian cuisine in his original interpretation. It is the newest global trend, which unites the dishes of eastern countries – from Japanese and Chinese cuisines to Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese ones. But our dishes will impress you not only by their variety, but also by a skillful combination of the ingredients of various national dishes. Cookery experts call this style "fusion". It is not only a gastronomic trend, it is a real art, requiring the culinary specialist have exquisite taste and skills. Cooking technology is also very important. That's why our restaurant is equipped with special foreign equipment: tepan – surface for cooking hot dishes, robata-grill for roasting on an open fire, special WOK cookers.

Lobsters, crabs and oysters are artistically cooked here. They are kept in a special aquarium placed in the hall. You may make your choice and watch the cooking process in the open kitchen.

Chef of the Split Club restaurant will surprise the guests by the Ukrainian cuisine as well. Fusion style in cooking traditional Ukrainian dishes will discover new flavours and will impress by its originality.

Serving dishes is an artistic ritual and spectacular performance. Taste and aesthetics are embodied in every detail. For serving dishes we use designer handmade tableware of eco-materials from oriental countries and Europe.

Confectioneries – one more field for creation of culinary masterpieces in our club. Our pastry makers studied under the best French pastry master. They will impress you with multi tier cakes, unique muffins, eclairs and truffles, as well as discover a flavour palette from various countries to you.

Refined wine secrets of enoteca

A bottle of wine, chosen with the help of professional sommelier Serhiy Vereskun, will be a perfect supplement to a dish. Enoteca includes more than 200 types of wine from all over the world: splendid French wines, collection Italian and Spanish ones, masterpieces from wine manufacturers of Europe and the New World. Due to the cooperation of the chef and sommelier, you will be offered the most appropriate and daring combination of the dish and beverage. More about enoteca.

Original cocktail list

You will also be surprised by the assortment of our bar. Cocktail list embodies the high bar culture and inventiveness of barmeisters. Original beverages will impress you with flavour balance and exciting presentation. We offer exotic cocktails in Asian style, which will be a perfect supplement to dishes. An extraordinary mix of sweet and spicy flavours with exotic fruit – the explosion of taste and sophisticated philosophy. We also collected unique whisky from all over the world and our bartenders will assist you to choose you a beverage.

Even if our guests came only for a cup of coffee, they will be offered an aromatic beverage brewed according to classic or extravagant alternative recipe.

Bar counter is a seamless divider of the restaurant in Lviv premises. Moreover, there is always a warm-hearted person you may talk to waiting at the bar counter.

Team of the professionals

Our employees are those who take care of the guests' comfort. They personify the best service standards. We arrange trainings for our team and ensure a high level of our personnel motivation. Knowledge of the foreign languages and tolerance to them are the main skills and values of each employee, because we cultivate the high culture of communication with our guests.

In 16 years in existence of the Split Club, we educated a generation of professionals, who nowadays are in charge of the best restaurants in Lviv, as well as throughout Ukraine and the whole world. We instruct our employees to comply with the highest service standards. Our staff is a balanced family of our establishment.

Be so kind to maintain the elegance of the new restaurant too. We strive for aesthetics, therefore, there are strict dress-code in the restaurant: evening or cocktail clothes, business formal or casual clothes are required.

One of the advantages of our club is powerful Wi-Fi. Our goal is to provide our guests with all possible advantages of high quality rest.

Restaurat Split in Lviv is open 24/7. You are kindly asked to make a reservation for a table.

We take care of the comfort and high level of our guests' rest, therefore we implement a new loyalty system – more gifts and pleasant bonuses. Personnel of the new Split Club restaurant strives for surprising you with flavours, atmosphere, attentiveness and variety.

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